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Gemstones have been used for years as tools and gifts from Mother Earth assisting us in rebalancing our energy fields by their magnetic resonating vibrations. We are drawn or attracted to certain stones because of their subtle energy systems and how they interact with ours. When we have an imbalance in ours, oftentimes, we will attract the perfect stone for the balancing in our field. I love the stones and have seen firsthand how beneficial they can be.
Crystal Awareness by Catherine Bowman
"Many People are being forced to search within themselves for the inner sanctuary of conscious awareness. The word awareness denotes being attentive, perceptive, sensitive and in tune with our internal self. But to be consciously aware takes us one step further for it implies sensitivity to external as well as internal conditions. It’s a knowingness, an understanding and recognition of both the subconscious and conscious states. Most conflicts in life are due to a barrier between these two expressions which can be as different as night and day. The subconscious intuitive self is disregarded as being illogical, while the conscious thinking state is socially acceptable. We have suppressed our intuitive faculties which are totally devoid of reasoning and logic and unaffected by the physical senses. This astonishing capacity to forewarn, foretell, and guide our conscious thoughts lie relatively untapped, awaiting to be released. Crystals can help to liberate these areas of the mind and enable us to maintain a heightened balance between the subconscious and conscious states. Crystals are here to teach and serve us. To the awakening mind, they are capable of performing a multitude of functions such as dream guidance, direction, cleansing the body of negative energies, focusing the mind, mental and physical healing, telepathy, linkages to special places and other potentially limitless tasks. When wearing any type of gemstone or crystal jewelry, the etheric, emotional and mental bodies are being influenced by the healing powers of the stone."
Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies by Sue and Simon Lilly
"Gemstones were traditionally used to alleviate the physical symptoms of illness. Today, crystal healing focuses on removing the underlying energy imbalances that may eventually lead to physical problems. In modern complementary therapies, as well as many traditional forms of healing, the person is seen as a complex interaction of different sorts of energy systems. Though not so apparent as the physical body, these energy systems influence every aspect of our lives and they can be clearly felt by anyone trained to notice the subtle differences and states they produce."
The Crystal Handbook by Kevin Sullivan
"The ancients found that certain gemstones, worn originally for their decorative value, seemed to bring a peace of mind to the wearer. Later they realized that the magic stones could even affect bodily healing. Although many of the beneficial effects of gemstones are not directly explainable by our limited knowledge of the physical world, we do know that all gemstones possess a crystalline structure. Crystalline structures can collect, focus, and emit electromagnetic energy. It is not necessary to completely understand this remarkable gemstone in order to gain its benefit. A great deal of folklore exists on the use of gemstones as good luck charms, talismans, and healing agents. This folklore contains valuable information because so much of it is accurate. Almost all ancient societies use gemstones in some way, either for healing or spiritual enhancement."
Healing with Gemstones and Crystals by Diane Stein
"Crystals’ piezoelectric effects, their energy fields, and the energy fields of other gemstones match our human energy and electrical frequencies. Because they do, they can be used as tools for energy rebalancing when human frequencies need alignment or healing. The little crystals and colored gemstones in our pockets and jewelry do more for us than we know, and their energy is increasing in usefulness as time goes on. We are becoming much more than people can ever remember being before; we are becoming the Beings of Light, energy and information, that was our original heritage. Gemstone and crystal energy is delicate and subtle, and the sensations will be delicate and subtle as well. Whether you perceive the energy of the stone or not, it will still affect you."
The Illustrated Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall
"To ancient peoples, crystals were sacred gifts from Mother Earth. As time went on, they retained their magical and spiritual qualities. Priests, medicine men, rulers, and shamans wore the powerful gems as symbols of spiritual and temporal authority. The ancient art of crystal healing uses the gentle, transformative properties of gems. Specific resonances of crystals transmit energy. Such crystals can be used at a distance or placed on the body. They dissolve stress, remove blockages, support new intentions, and bring harmony into the environment. They neutralize negative energies, draw energy away from an overstimulated area, or reenergize a depleted one. Their effect is pleasant: they induce a feeling of well-being and harmony."
The Healing Power of Crystals and Gemstones by Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer
"The art of healing with stones is thousands of years old. Evidence that gemstones were used to heal disease can be found from the most ancient civilizations. They were also considered to have protective and talismanic properties and keep evil spirits away. Shamans and medicine men harnessed the power of crystals in ceremonies and rituals. The ancient knowledge has been passed down to our day. Every advanced, ancient civilization knew of the healing properties of crystals and stones. Whether in leather pouches as carried by the Sumerians, or worn as talismans and amulets, or distilled into powders or elixirs, gemstones were known by natural healers to strengthen those who wore them and protect them from evil spirits, sickness and disaster."
Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. and Judith Lukomski
"Crystals are the offspring of Heaven and Earth’s marriage. They’re a gift from Gaia, the spirit of our planet, to amplify the power of light and love. Although they may seem like inert objects, crystals are very much alive. They’re both filled with energy, and are conduits of energy. That’s one reason why crystals are used in watches, radios, and modern medical devices. Crystals amplify their own energy, as well as the Divine universal energy that has different names, including Spirit,chi, prana, Light and Love, and Reiki. After all, everything in the Universe is composed of ever-moving atomic particles, and God is everywhere. Therefore, God is within crystals, and the atoms of all crystals are quite active. Wearing stones is very helpful, especially in the heart and throat areas."
Love is in the Earth by Melody
"Crystals have been scientifically proven to possess vibratory energy, to generate and to emit electrical charge, and to possess the vital energy force which sustains all that exists. The energies of the mineral kingdom are "universal energies" and are available to those who are willing to both receive and meld this energy with their own. Although, one must ultimately heal oneself, the healing process may be facilitated by the catalytic presence of many things. To experience disease is to experience a total or partial disconnection from wholeness, a loss of awareness of the innate and universal source of perfection. The members of the mineralogical kingdom have been used for centuries to act as catalysts and to assist one in becoming re-united with that source."
Crystal Power, Crystal Healing by Michael Gienger
"The healing properties of minerals and all other types of stones can be traced back to the manner of their origin, their inner structure, their mineral elements and their colors. These four principles can be described separately and , in the case of each individual stone, can be combined to form and individual portrait of its healing characteristics. Now it has become possible to understand the effects of crystals in a truly comprehensive way and to apply them to the whole person, to their psychological state, their spirit, mind and body."
Gemstone Energy Medicine by Michael Katz
"Physicists tell us that all matter is energy in physical form. Gemstones are certainly no exception. Formed over eons, often at high pressure, the Earth’s gemstones embody intense concentrations of energy. Today the energetic properties of gems are also being used to improve people’s health at fundamental levels. The crystalline nature of certain gemstones and their ability to process energy have much in common with the liquid crystalline forms in our own cells. Most of us are aware that we are far more than our physical anatomy.
Indeed, each of us is a complex being comprised of many aspects, seen and unseen. In addition to a physical body, each of us has a multi-faceted inner life, comprised of emotions, thoughts, memories, dreams, and intuitions. And deep within us, underlying and pervading every waking and dreaming moment, lies our awareness, or consciousness. This spiritual element exists beyond the body, emotions, and mind. Whether or not we are fully conscious of it, life energy flows constantly through these nonphysical channels and structures to nourish all facets of our being.
All of our nonphysical structures and components are as vital to our existence as our heart and lungs. If we could somehow see beyond our physical body , into our inner dimensions, we would see that the energetic components in which our emotional responses originate essentially form another body. For the purpose of this discussion, we can call this body the emotional body, though it is also sometimes referred to as the astral body.
If we could peer even more deeply into our being, we would see another,even more subtle body. This is the energetic aspect of our being in which our past experiences and patterns of stimulus and response are stored. We can call this storehouse of memories and patterns, the causal body. Even deeper within us is another body, which we can call the mental body. This body is the source of the river of thoughts that flows continually through the mind. Deeper still is the intuitive body, or the aspect of our being from which our intuitions arise. In an optimally healthy person, the physical and subtle bodies are well aligned with each other, and the channels through which energy flows are connected and clear.
Unfortunately for most of us, this state of vibrant health remains a goal to which we only aspire. Various impediments and blockages within our body and energy channels diminish the flow of life force within each body and from one body to another. This causes them to stray from a state of optimal health. Where do the impediments and blockages within our bodies originate? Over the course of one’s life, we all experience times of less-than –ideal nutrition, emotional ups and downs, exposure to environmental toxins, and other stresses of living. Although we don’t always feel it at the same time, these experiences leave their marks on us at various levels of our being. Such marks, which can be both physical and energetic, can be deposited anywhere within our physical and subtle bodies.
Of course, overwhelming and painful traumas also leave their marks. Optimal health requires that the flow of life force throughout our being remain strong and unimpeded. Energetic deposits in one subtle body not only disrupt the flow of energy within that body; they can also block the flow to other bodies. These disruptions are the fundamental causes of illness."
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